It’s as easy as that: whatever your idea of mobility is, we have the technology to turn it into a great entrepreneurial hit. With our platform your car/bike sharing business will be launched or scaled up in days, not months.


Special extend pilot phase

Up to 1 months of free usage

Station Based

Car & Bike Sharing

Playmoove provides an unprecedented experience in managing station-based mobility businesses. No matter the type of vehicles, the fleet size or your specific operational and managing needs: the platform has a modular soul that makes possible any custom integration in addition to the hundreds of out of the box functionalities.

Free Floating

Car & Bike Sharing

The most flexible and versatile of the mobility schemes is fully integrable and customizable with astonishing speed and easiness. Thanks to its hardware agnostic nature and its granular structure you will be able to tailor a Free floating mobility scheme exactly as your customers expect!

Automated Rental & Corporate Fleet Sharing

The automation of rental and the management of shared corporate vehicles have never been so simple and effective. Playmoove allows your company or public administration to speed up all the reservation procedures, to optimize the use of the vehicles keeping all costs under control and, eventually, increase your customer satisfaction.

Automated EV Stations Management

The EV Charge Stations will increasingly become part of the future mobility panorama. Playmoove has been specifically conceived and developed thinking of the mobility scenario of the next decades. This is why the platform is already capable to  manage in a simple and flexible way the charging stations for those electric vehicles that are starting to populate the streets of our cities.

White Label Mobile applications

for your customers

Your customer experience will be totally immersed into your Brand environment thanks to our white label policy that will allow you to personalize your Clients’ App not only with your logo but with all the graphic recalls to your company image.    

      Multi modality booking          Auto Enrollment & Validation     Multi Driver accounts    Pre-paid & post paid payments     Help & support   

An awesome dashboard to manage all of your business operations.

From a single visual dashboard you can easily design and manage all assets of your shared mobility business, keep track of your customers behaviour and promptly adapt your business schemes to the changing needs of your local market. 

The most advanced and flexible system to manage rates and discounts of your sharing service, allow you to set fares and discounts for each vehicle category on both time and distance basis.

Vehicle communication and reservation data on your hands. It has never been easier to manage a fleet of vehicles !!!


Hundreds of functionalities for managing your business

An expandable Module Set for third parties applications

In addition to the endless possibilities for customization, Playmoove guarantees the possibility to integrate or replace many of its modules with external applications without impairing the stability of the system.

Users and Clients Manager

User record management coordinates subscription process, validation of users and credentials.

Fleet Manager

Parking lots and vehicles management

Smart Cards & Token Manager

User security management and service card access or service cardless access

Payment Manager

Payment gateways managements – pre authorizations and charges.


Planned events managements, processes automation and automated rules

Booking Manager

Management and planning of reservation with different state flows according the different kind of “sharing” applied

Subscriptions & Plan Manager

Plans management, rates, subscriptions and discounts

Billing Manager

Invoicing and cost files emission

Hardware Manager

Communication with vehicles and hardware commands executions

Damage & Reporting Manager

Damages management, maintenance and communication with users

When I launched my first independent car sharing in Italy in 2012 I did not ever think that a new software could raise our profits by 300%.

My company has worked in the transport industry for more than 30 years and we joined the shared mobility revolution since its very beginning by opening an independent car sharing in our city. Our choice was immediately rewarded by the customers, but the real revolution took place when we realized that it was necessary to equip ourselves with a technological platform that could adapt to the needs of our market. It was the technology that had to adapt to our needs, not the other way around.

Fabio Mereu
Playcar and Playmoove Founder

an Italian heart and the passion for quality

Why does a platform need to be boring and gray to be reliable? Playmoove combines the style and creativity that has always distinguished Italian automotive products with the best development and continuous integration technologies.

One Platform, endless possibilities

Public, touristic bike sharing services

Public, private car sharing services

Corporate, Private sharing services

Re-shape the urban mobility of your city