Shaping the Future of Sharing Mobility

Playmoove is the new vehicle management frontier, a scalable cloud-based software that allows you to manage any kind of shared mobility system

  • City Car Sharing
  • Corporate or Private Fleet Sharing
  • Automated Rental Car
  • Bike Sharing

The Smart Booking which allows you to manage your business without telling you how you should run it

We have implemented software in 2017 for 2017, a simple paradigm that has enabled us to consider the changing needs of cloud based businesses.
Playmoove is the first software that allows total flexibility and granularity to create your own rates without binding to a single charging mode.


Whatever your Playmoove service allows you to rate it per hour, per day, per journey per customer.

  • Subscription management
  • Highly configurable rates
  • Blazing fast plan and rates configuration manager
  • Discounts and rates per Seasons, per Day of the week, per Traveled distance

Client and Driver Manager

Playmoove allows you to register and manage multiple linked driver and client accounts

Card or Cardless use

Playmoove allows you to manage bookings and to open cars either through the use of the smartphone or through the use of NFC smart cards.

Big data Smart Data

Playmoove integrates an advanced reporting systems and algorithms that allow the best resources optimization, allowing you to keep track of your ROI. Example: the booking system suggests cars with less usage to balance the use of the fleet.

Mission Control


Live Service Map

Playmoove makes it easy to view and manage the fleet by using a live map to control and manage vehicles and bookings

Heat Maps

The system keeps an anonymous track of all the movements made by the fleet and allows to see in the form of heatmaps the areas where there is more traffic

Instant Vehicle communication and remote commanding

With Playmoove you can at any time communicate with remote vehicles and offer customized customer support.

Playmoove Core Features

We are currently updating the full feature list. Contact our marketing dept. to obtain a full list of features.

Custom sized solutions for any kind of company

Playmoove will enter the market at the end of July 2017.
Our hardware-software solution is suitable both for small fleets of vehicles, or for large cities and large fleets.  Our cloud deploy system it’s blazing fast and allow you to be online in less than one week.

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